Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weight loss: eternal vigilance!

So, as I wrote in my last entry, I've been following a weight loss program that is super healthy and on which I've had mild success.  I've lost a total of about 8 lbs and a few inches.  I'm pleased, but realizing that this is going to take a lot longer to accomplish my goal than I would like.

I need to lose about 35 more lbs to get to the upper range of my BMI.  I was down another pound, but the past two weeks I gained a pound each week and then lost some of it, (don't worry about the math--I had a set back!).  Anyway,  it's clear that I have to really stay on top of things to keep this success going.

One thing I have started doing that is making this seem more "doable" is prepping food to take to work on the weekends.  I found a blog about prepping food for "grab and go" lunches and it included "salads in a jar".  I am in love with these!  You can check out the weekly prep here:  and check her recipe link for the salad recipes.  Basically, the salad in a jar allows you to package complete salads in a jar and have it ready to go--including dressing!--but not result in a soggy salad.  These salads can be so healthy and delicious and most importantly--satisfying!

This past week I noticed that I was having horrible candy cravings--and gave in a couple of times.  I started thinking about how for several weeks I was doing fine and could not for the life of me figure out why the cravings were suddenly so strong.  Then one day instead of a piece of candy I grabbed one of my bags of cut up veggies--which I had been avoiding--and voila.  The craving was GONE. 

I also realized I wasn't drinking as many of the protein shakes as I was before.  I love those because it satisfies my sweet tooth but also gives me a huge boost of protein.  Tried it and again, craving GONE. 

The lesson I learned from this was that when I have been successful and am suddenly struggling a lot, I need to think about what I am doing differently that might be contributing to the struggle.  Those old habits are so sneaky and can slip back in without my realizing it.  I think it's good for me to review the eating plan from time to time to make sure I'm following it correctly!

Until next time!