Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston: Look for the helpers

So, it has happened again.

Some lunatic set up some home made bombs to hurt a lot of people.  On what should have been a day of rejoicing for completing a huge goal, a single event turned the day into tragedy and horror. 

As a result of a couple of garbage cans filled with flying debris, 3 people are dead and many others are injured.  Several have lost limbs as a result of the injuries.  It's not as grand a scale as 9/11, but it's terror just the same.

There's a quote that floats around on Face book at times like these that is attributed to Mr. Rogers.  Here is a YouTube clip of an interview with Mr. Rogers:

Folks, this is what we have to focus on.  Let the police do their work.  The perpetrator(s) will be found and brought to justice.  I have no doubt about that.  But instead of wringing our hands and saying "there is no hope", or blaming politicians you don't like, or just throwing up your hands in despair, focus on the helpers.  For every bad guy out there, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands who are good guys.  We've seen footage of people who stopped at the moment of the explosions at went to help.  People who kept running past the finish line, an additional 5 miles,  to the hospital to donate blood.  People who are praying without ceasing for the dead, the injured, and the families and friends. 

People of every faith know that there have been evil people in the world for as long as the world has existed.  And there have been good, righteous people, too.  People who obey the Lord, who pray for forgiveness, who try to do the right thing.  Whatever your religious views, there are accounts, both scriptural and secular, of those who have done evil to others.  Those accounts always include people who did good, courageous things.  Always.  The helpers are always in the picture. 

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