Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter time

Easter is such a wonderful holiday.  As a kid I loved it because I got a basket filled with candy.  I also enjoyed coloring the eggs and eating them.  It was like a milder version of Christmas.

I still enjoy Easter.  I love the time of year, the flowers in bloom, and yes, I still love the excuse to eat the candy!  We still decorate eggs at our house, too, although I am often the only one who does it.  As an adult, however, I am more attendant to the real reason we celebrate Easter, which is to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Sunday after He was crucified.  

At my church on Easter you will hear people saying "He is risen!", followed by the response "He is risen indeed!"  It is such a joyful day for me.  I always know that Christ is alive but the celebration makes me more mindful of Him.  I think attending the Good Friday services helps to drive it home, as well.  I honestly feel depressed when leaving the Good Friday service.  Not in a major way, but just sad that Jesus had to go through such an agonizing time in order to save us from our own sin.

At our church we have had the "Carnival of Eggs" on the Saturday before Easter for many years.  I have attended the church for 16 years and it has been going on even longer than that, so it's quite a tradition in our neighborhood.  We put it on for the neighborhood and have egg hunts by age group (so the little kids have a chance to get some treats!) as well as games and activities.  It's a really great time.  We honestly do it just to connect with the community and kind of say "Thank you" for putting up with us.  We do, however, always hope that maybe someone will decide to come check us out.  I don't know how it is around your area, but in Seattle, a lot of people think of Christians as kind of harmless "freaks".  They think we mean well, but we're just a bit weird and not at like them.  Except that we are.  I always hope that the Carnival of Eggs will help someone to see that we are just like them in many ways.  I hope that they will see that we are not going to "ram religion down their throats" if they come talk to us.  I hope they see that we don't intend to judge or condemn anyone.  I hope they see that we have a little "something" that they would like, too.  Maybe they'll be just curious enough to find out more.  Maybe not at our church, but somewhere.

I'm rambling now, but I just felt like getting that out there.  Our pastor recently said that we should "tell our story" of how we became Christians to others.  I think I will do that pretty soon.

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