Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do what you love, and the money will follow

I have to say that I have often heard the adage "Do what you love and the money will follow."  I have built a career in Psychology, first by going to graduate school, earning a PhD and then teaching or researching, whatever is needed.   While I really like psychology and doing research, I'm not sure that it is my "passion" so to speak.  It's a fascinating topic and I love talking about it, but, well, you know.

For a long time I thought that "thrifting" was my passion.  I do enjoy reading articles on saving money and trying to find ways to pinch pennies.  I subscribe to blogs and email newsletters about thrifting.  I even have EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of the Tightwad Gazette, the newsletter published for a few years by Amy Daycyzyn, the "tightwad" from Maine who made enough money to have a healthy nest egg and retired from publishing her newsletter (God I still miss Amy!)  Anyway, I really like thrifting and talking about it, but there are plenty of people out there who write very good newsletters and books on it and frankly, I'd rather read about it than write a book on it.

A few years back I re-discovered crochet.  I started crocheting a lot when my son was involved in Bible Quizzing.  I could take a project to the all-day events and crochet to stay busy but not miss hearing what was going on with the kids' answers.  First I finished an afghan I had started years earlier, then I moved on to baby blankets and started giving them away.  I made hats while I watched TV and even made a few pillows and ponchos for gifts and for a school auction.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I recently took a cut in my hours at work.  This led me to start looking for work to replace it, but I started thinking about crocheting items and maybe making some earrings and selling them on Etsy.  Seemed like a good way to fill my time while I looked for my "real" job, right?

Well, I had no idea that I had just discovered my passion!  I still do a lot of the crocheting, but honestly I think the jewelry is what gives me the most enjoyment.  I can get lost in making jewelry for hours at a time and look up and wonder where the time has gone!  I love learning new techniques and experimenting.  Even when I mess things up, I honestly don't mind very much.  If something I make doesn't turn out the way I wanted it to, I just take it apart and start over.

I also love learning new things.  Recently I learned how to tie slip knots that are adjustable, so I made some really cute bracelets and posted them for sale on my Etsy site.  Here's one of them:


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Yesterday I watched some videos on how to make wire hearts.  I thought they looked really cool, so I decided to give it a try today.  Learning always takes a few tries, so I kept the practice hearts to see if I was improving.  I think I did, but you, dear reader, can decide from the photo below:

I think I'm getting better at making them, but they're not "quite there" yet.  That's okay, I had a great time practicing!  

Anyway, I'm doing something I really love doing....hopefully the money will follow!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

This thing called life...

Wow--what a weekend.  In some ways I feel like I experienced a little bit of everything in terms of life events.

First, my husband and I attended the life celebration service of his cousin who passed away recently.  She was only 60 and left a very loving, large family behind.  She battled cancer and gave it a good fight.  She is in heaven now and I'm sure is pain free at last.

On the tails of the service, we went to the home of my brother- and sister-in-law with the rest of the family and had a great time catching up and having fun.  New bonds were established and old ones were repaired.  It is my hope that these new bonds will be allowed to grow strong over the years.

Up next was the news that my stepdaughter and her fiance "jumped the broom" while away visiting her mother.  We had been planning on a January wedding, but they were just too anxious to get started and went ahead with the nuptials without us.  We were very disappointed not to be there for the ceremony, but wish them well and hope they will have a long and blessed marriage.

Finally, I found out that a friend is due to have a second child early next year.  This wasn't a total surprise (I knew she'd have another one sometime!) but given the events of this weekend, seemed kind of nice way to wrap up the "circle of life".

So, a death, a reunion, a new marriage, a new life.  All are significant events in the life of any person, anywhere in the world.  I don't care who you are or where you live, you can relate to all of these events if you have lived a few years.  The common denominator for all of these things for us this weekend  was love and family.  I guess when you get right down to it, those are really the important things, aren't they?  The Lord made us to be in relationships with each other and with Him.  We don't always get to have the events of those relationships happen when we want them to or exactly how we want them to, but when things go right, they really go right.  And sometimes even when things go wrong, a few blessings come out of it.

I'm feelings and thoughts are in a jumble, but I just know that in all of this, the Lord is smiling.

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