Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft shows

Wow, its been a while since I posted!  I'll try to do better.

Sales on my Etsy shop have been pretty good, considering that its really new and I'm still learning a lot about promoting, etc.  I've decided to do a local craft show on December 1, because it seems like a good way to make some sales plus promote my shop.  As usual, I'm researching like crazy, because that's just the kind of nerd I am.

I have read several good blogs on craft shows and learned quite a bit, but decided I need to see this stuff in action, so I've scoped out local craft shows prior to mine to see how its done.  Now, I am not new to craft shows as a customer, but am as a vendor, so my focus in going to these is to observe other vendors and how they promote their goods rather than buy anything.  (I may buy something if it looks good, though!)

The first one I went to was this past Saturday in Kent, Washington.  It was pretty small, but had 3 or 4 jewelry vendors.

The first thing I noticed was the range in prices.  Some people had their items priced very low (under $10), while others were more mid-range ($25 - $35).  No one seemed to be selling much, although I did show up around 1:30 pm, so maybe sales were winding down.  I talked to one vendor for awhile about selling at craft shows, and she said that sales had not been that great.  She also encouraged me not to base my decision to pursue the craft show circuit on one event.  She said she had been selling her jewelry for 9 years and some were good, some not so good.  I figure if she's been doing it for 9 years, she must have more good days than bad.

The other thing I noticed was that the booths with some really unique, pricier stuff were not staffed by anyone when I went by the first time.  When I went back to the first one, the vendor was still not present.  At the second one, she did eventually show up, but then when I started asking questions, she answered a cell phone call and was clearly too busy to talk. 

So here is what I took away from my first craft show reconnaissance mission: 

1.  Keep prices reasonable.
2.  Know that some craft shows have better sales than others.
3.  Be present at the booth at all times.
4.  Don't talk on the cell phone when a potential customer is present.

More later....

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