Friday, July 20, 2012

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

I am the mother of four kids.  Teenagers, to be exact.  They are pretty good kids overall, but they can be darn messy!

The other day my oldest complained that someone keeps stealing her towel, leading to using a new towel, leading to no towels, leading to having to wash towels.  I prefer the kids use one or two towels per week to save on laundry, so I was sympathetic to this. 

To solve this problem, I decided to make a name tag to go over each kids' hook.  No confusion about who's is who's.  This morning I made the tags--we'll see how that goes.

While I was in "sign making" mode, I decided to make a couple more.  One is for the dishwasher.  It's actually two signs, one that says the dishes are dirty, and one that says they are clean.  I have to do this because at our house, people think that putting dishes on the counter or in the sink near the dishwasher means that they will magically "jump in" to the machine and get washed.  Sorry folks, no magic, it's Mom doing it.  So, I made two signs.  But I added a little something to the bottom.  On the one that says "Dirty" I added:  "Am I full?  Please turn me on!"  To the one that says "Clean" I added:  "Am I done running?  Please empty me!"

Now I was on a roll.  I decided to make another one to put in the living room that says "Done with that dirty glass/dish/can?  Please take it to the KITCHEN and put it in the DISHWASHER!"  (Whereupon they will encounter the "clean" or "dirty" signs)  I may have to duplicate this one to put in various places around the house--one for each room should do it.

What other signs could I make?  Hmmm... how about
  • "Turn off the TV if you're done watching it."
  • "Lock the door" (oh wait, I already have one like that)
  • "Replace the toilet paper if you take the last roll"

And maybe one more:  "You are loved."

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