Friday, July 20, 2012

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

I am the mother of four kids.  Teenagers, to be exact.  They are pretty good kids overall, but they can be darn messy!

The other day my oldest complained that someone keeps stealing her towel, leading to using a new towel, leading to no towels, leading to having to wash towels.  I prefer the kids use one or two towels per week to save on laundry, so I was sympathetic to this. 

To solve this problem, I decided to make a name tag to go over each kids' hook.  No confusion about who's is who's.  This morning I made the tags--we'll see how that goes.

While I was in "sign making" mode, I decided to make a couple more.  One is for the dishwasher.  It's actually two signs, one that says the dishes are dirty, and one that says they are clean.  I have to do this because at our house, people think that putting dishes on the counter or in the sink near the dishwasher means that they will magically "jump in" to the machine and get washed.  Sorry folks, no magic, it's Mom doing it.  So, I made two signs.  But I added a little something to the bottom.  On the one that says "Dirty" I added:  "Am I full?  Please turn me on!"  To the one that says "Clean" I added:  "Am I done running?  Please empty me!"

Now I was on a roll.  I decided to make another one to put in the living room that says "Done with that dirty glass/dish/can?  Please take it to the KITCHEN and put it in the DISHWASHER!"  (Whereupon they will encounter the "clean" or "dirty" signs)  I may have to duplicate this one to put in various places around the house--one for each room should do it.

What other signs could I make?  Hmmm... how about
  • "Turn off the TV if you're done watching it."
  • "Lock the door" (oh wait, I already have one like that)
  • "Replace the toilet paper if you take the last roll"

And maybe one more:  "You are loved."

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate your independence!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Today marks the 236th anniversary of the day that our founding fathers and mothers declared our independence from Great Britain.  We love to celebrate this day with displays of red, white, and blue, cook outs, and of course, fireworks!

I love Independence Day.  I think it's one of my favorites because it commemorates a happy "decision" that was made 200+ years ago.  We drew our line in the sand.  We said "That's it.  We've had enough and we're not going to take it anymore!"  Of course, there was a lot of really hard work and lives sacrificed that followed that day, but I'd say it was worth it.  We Americans enjoy a level of freedom that is experienced by no other country in the world.

Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a great country to live in.  In America you can:

1.  Worship in the church of your choice
2.  NOT worship if you don't want to
3.  Vote in every election you care to
4.  Say whatever you want about the government (as long as you're not threatening someone)
5.  Read whatever you want
6.  Enjoy "due process" if you are accused of a crime
7.  Own property, regardless of your  social "status"
8.  Say what you want to say about pretty much anything

There's lots of other freedoms we enjoy, but you get the idea.

Is the USA perfect?  No.  There are lots of times that government officials mess up, break the law, lie, etc.  There are times when people forget that others have rights, too, and try to take them away.  There are people who go hungry in our country.  But does that mean we live in a bad country?  No.  It doesn't.  It means that this country is comprised of human beings who make mistakes.  Sometimes we learn, sometimes we don't.  Sometimes in  the process of learning we end up making new mistakes. 

Nevertheless, we try.  We try hard to do what's right.  So whether you're a "liberal" or a "conservative" or something in between, be proud.  We aren't perfect, but we are American...and that is a real blessing!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anointing Prayer

Today was a first for me and many others at our church, Lakeview Free Methodist.   Today we held anointing prayer during communion.

I have seen anointing prayer done before at Lakeview.  It usually is done when someone is very ill or has a very serious prayer request.  Prayers are said and they are anointed with oil.  This is not some "voodoo" magic trick.  It is Biblically based and several passages in the New Testament make reference to praying together and anointing followers with oil.

Today, however, I participated in the service as one who was doing the praying and anointing.  I was invited to do this by my friend, Glenda, who has been leading Lectio meetings once a month (more on that another day).  I decided to try it, and went for the training.  Basically, we were trained to listen to the prayer request from the person, listen for the Holy Spirit and what is being conveyed from the Lord, and then praying.  This is followed by anointing and a blessing.

I was kind of nervous about doing this, so Glenda paired me with another person, Susan, who has done this type of thing before.  I was surprised by two things:  first, the number of people who came to request prayer.  I honestly thought we'd be lucky to get one, but we got several.  I was also surprised by how easily it came once we got started.  Finally, I was surprised at the nonstop goosebumps I was getting the whole time and for a while afterwards.  This was not from being cold but kind of an "electric" feeling.  I truly believe the Lord was present and working through Susan and myself.  It was very powerful.

I definitely want to do this again.  I hope others get the opportunity to do so as well.