Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DaisyLu Designs is born!

So I've started an Etsy shop!

I've been thinking about opening a shop on Etsy for quite a while, since I love to crochet various things and make jewelry.  I finally got the time and the additional motivational push to give it a try in the form of a cutback on my hours at work. 

It's kind of interesting how this all came about because what can seem like a bad thing has turned out to be a pretty good thing.  First, I was told that due to budget cuts, my hours had to be cut.  That stunk--big time.  I was happy to still have a job with benefits, but earning less money was not going to be fun! 

I had a month to prepare for the "big cut" and while I was waiting for "it" to happen, I was thinking about ways to either supplement my income or replace my job altogether.  In a previous life I taught college classes in psychology, so of course I started putting out feelers for part-time faculty positions and looking for full-time positions as well.  Full-time faculty positions in Experimental Psychology are tough to come by and when you're not willing to move, well, it's even harder.  In any case, I figured the Lord would provide in some way or another, so I tried not to worry to much.  I do have a couple of leads on things, but I will probably be earning less through the summer.

This left me with more time on my hands and so I started investigating the idea of setting up an Etsy shop.  I checked out tons of books from the library and read things online.  I started talking about it with a few friends to see what their reaction would be--they thought it was a good idea.  Then, as part of a class my husband and I are taking through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, I heard as inspirational of a message as I could ever hear.  Basically it was: Do what you love and the money will follow.  Don't do a job just because its a paycheck.  Wow--it really spoke to me, and I really felt that God was saying "Go on, try it!"

I have heard of people who are so successful at it that they eventually quite their day jobs.  Wow--could that happen to me?  At this point, I don't know, but I can say this:  it feel AWESOME to be excited about making products and setting up my shop!  Since I opened it with a few items on Sunday, I'm constantly thinking about what else to make to put in it, and excited to get to work!  It's exciting too because I don't like to be doing the same thing over and over...I like to learn new things and try out new ideas.  Since I like to crochet lots of different things and like to make lots of different types of earrings, I think it will be pretty hard for me to get bored!

So I know you're dying to know--what is this shop called?  It's DaisyLu Designs and I've named it after my grandmother, Daisy, and her mother, Lula.  More on them later!

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