Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a week! What a husband!

Wow-- this past week was really interesting!

Monday started off with a bang.  I got hit with a horrible bout of vertigo--a new experience for me--and ended up in the emergency room, being tested for a possible stroke.  Thankfully I had not had a stroke and I still don't know what brought the vertigo on, but it seems better now.  At one point while sitting in the ER waiting for test results, my dear husband looked at me and said "how do you like date night dear?"  Haha!

Tuesday I stayed home from work and Wednesday went home at noon because I was still kind of weak and recovering. 

Thursday my supervisor stayed home sick so no chance of leaving early on that day.  Friday I worked a half day, but ran a bunch of errands because a dear elderly lady from our church passed away and I'm in charge of funeral receptions. 

Saturday I got up early, did chores, then pulled my youngest out of bed to help with the reception for the memorial service at the church.  All went well, and after 4 hours of work, we were finished.  Went to the shopping center with my buddy with our dogs because we thought "Fido Fest" was being held, but it wasn't!  So we just terrorized everyone with our little yappers and went home.  Went to the grocery store, came home, cooked dinner for everyone, then fell into bed.  Now here I am on Sunday morning missing church because I am wiped out!

Through out all of the events of the week, my husband was a saint.  He cooked us a huge meal last Sunday and cooked delicious meals every night while I was sick.  He stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday and ran and fetched for me.  He sat with me in the ER for 6 hours without complaint.  He was amazing!  I am so glad I am married to this amazing man.  He is awesome!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never forget...

Where were you on September 11, 2001?  I remember where I was.  I live on the West coast so it was about 7:30 am when my husband called and said "turn on the television.  We're being bombed."  I turned on CNN and there were pictures of Towers 1 and 2 and the pentagon in flames.  Everything had happened by then so it looked like it was happening all at once to me, in my just awake state.  I freaked out.  Literally.  I started screaming.  I thought militia would be busting into our home any minute and kill us all.  I remember forcing myself to pull it together because I needed to get my son ready for school and I didn't want him to be afraid.  I remember crying off and on all day.  It was a terrible, terrible day.

Nine years later we are remembering what happened on that terrible day and honoring those who lost their lives for no good reason.  It is important to remember that we are no invinceable--we are open to attack and we need to be vigilent to protect our country and its citizens. 

While it is important to remember and learn how to prevent this from happening again, it is just as important not to blame an entire group of people who had nothing to do with what happened.  This attack was done in ostensibly in the name of Islam, but it was a very radical and misguided group who did this.  I know many muslim people both American and international.  None of them would ever advocate such acts of violence or any acts of violence.  They are very peaceful people and feel ashamed about what happened.

I just pray that we can keep our heads straight and mourn the dead but not create more problem in an attempt to avenge those deaths.  God bless us all.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lack of planning on your part...

Ahhh a day in the life  The day started off interesting.  My son got up late and asked if he could get a ride to school because his alarm clock didn't go off.  Interesting how it's never "I forgot to set my alarm,"  it's "my alarm clock didn't go off" as though this inanimate object decided it didn't want to do what it was supposed to.  Anyway, he asked if he could get a ride.  I said yes, but that I would not be leaving until 7:30.  He needed to leave right away to get there on time.  I said I would not leave until 7:30.  I didn't see why I should have to rush just because his alarm clock was not cooperating.  (yes, I'm smirking)

Anyway, 10 minutes later my son is standing in the kitchen clearly annoyed because I'm not moving fast enough for him and he's going to be late.  I made some comment to the effect of "don't you stand there with that look on your face."  This kid then explodes says, " f--- it, I'm just going to walk."  I can't remember what else he said but he definitely implied that it was my fault that he was late.  I, being the mother, said "don't you talk to me like that!" and "it's not my fault you're late".  I'm so original.

So, I feel bad that he was late and having a tough morning, but I also feel bad that I didn't just ignore his face making attempts to manipulate me.  We did talk about it this afternoon and he apologized, but I suspect he still didn't quite "get" that just because he is late doesn't make it everyone else's problem.  I'm sure I'll have more opportunities to get it right next time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good ideas and bad ideas

I've been thinking about politics and our primarily two-party system lately.  Although I'm a registered democrat, I kind of wish we could get rid of the whole "party" thing.  Why can't we just evaluate ideas for their worth and decide if we think they are usable or not without dismissing ideas just because they come from one party or another?

I say this because it seems like even people from the Republican party have good ideas sometimes and people from the Democratic party have lousy ideas sometimes.  But really, they're just ideas.  I think most of the time the intent is to come up with a solution to a problem that will make most of the people happier.  Take for example, National Health Care.   Now here's an idea that we've been kicking around for several decades.  People who would to have a national health care plan would like to see an end to unnecessary suffering caused by lack of access to health care when problems are small.  It could also be argued that treating problems when they are small or providing options that prevent health problems in the first place would ultimately save money in the long run.  These seem like good ideas.  However, this is currently viewed as a "Democrat" idea.  Therefore, some people will dismiss it immediately because it came from the "other" party.  Does this make it a bad idea?  Of course not.  Wouldn't it be nice if those who are currently criticizing it would step up and say here's how we could make the proposed plan better?

One of the complaints raised about the recently passed National Health Care plan is that it will raise taxes to the point that people will be broke.  I suppose that could happen if the money is not managed right, but instead of saying "no health care plan", why not figure out how to make it work without breaking everyone financially in the process?   Be part of the solution instead of just dismissing the entire idea.

Sometimes the Democrats come up with lousy ideas.  For example, here in the state of Washington, we currently do not have a state income tax.  What we DO have is super high property taxes and sales taxes.  Believe me, we do not get off the hook!  Currently there is a movement to impose a state income tax "on the rich".  Rich being defined as those who make above a certain dollar amount annually.   Again, I think the intent is good.  We seem to keep running out of money and someone is trying to figure out how to get more. .  Basically the referendum proposes imposing an income tax on anyone who makes above $200K per year.  The argument is that ultimately this would reduce property taxes . 

A lot of Democrat members like this idea; a lot of Republican people do not.  Remember that I said I am a registered Democrat?  Well, I agree with the elephants on this one.  I think this is an idea that has not been thought out all the way to the end.  First, I think it's just a "foot in the door" for state income taxes.  Most likely what will happen is that eventually everyone will be paying income tax, whether you're "rich" or not.  Second, I don't believe for one minute that my property taxes will go down.  The whole reason an income tax is being proposed is because there is not enough money.  I fail to see how increasing taxes in one place and decreasing it in another will result in more money.  At best, it will result in the same amount of money.  At worst, it will result  in LESS money than before.  Even though I am a democrat, I label this as a "bad idea".

I'm sure there are folks who will disagree with me on both positions, but I'm pretty sure I'm right on these!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maid service

What is it with kids thinking that their dishes will be automatically cleaned up for them?  I guess its because I do clean up after them a lot, but darn, I don't like looking at the mess and everyone seems to disappear or proclaim innocence when it's time to clean up. 

Last night before I went to bed, I picked ALL the dishes in the living, straightened everything, and turned off the lights.  Half an hour after I went to bed, my step daughter comes in and turns on the tv.  Then I hear people in the kitchen (It's 11:00 at night mind you).  Well, guess what I found when I came down this morning?  An empty jug of milk and a dish with a peach pit on the coffee table in the living room, and various cups and glasses on the kitchen counter next to the dishwasher.  What is up with that?  I usually don't, but this morning I left a nasty note saying to CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!!  Is it too much to ask for people to clean up their dishes and put them in the dishwasher?  Apparently it is. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Does God need a vacation from us?

Today being Sunday, I went to church.   Unfortunately I could not rouse my brood to attend with me. 

The sermon today was on whether God needs a vacation from us.  It's a interesting thought, really.  I mean, we must be a pretty frustrating group of children.  We don't listen, we talk back, we blatantly disobey, and we often have "selective hearing".  What mother is not familiar with these behaviors in her own children?  God has most assuredly been dealing with these same behaviors from His children for generations--essentially from the beginning.  Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from my kids--does God feel the same way?

According to today's sermon, God does not take vacations from us.  God never sleeps--he is on "24/7".  The pastor cited Matthew 9:35 to 37 (or so) in which Jesus is faced with loads of people who need His help.  He says to his disciples, "we need more workers".  Pastor Dave then talked about how there are so many needs in our world.  Everyday we see injustices of various kinds--people who are sick, suffering, people who are hurt by others.  We are tempted  (and often do) to say:  God must be on vacation, otherwise how could He allow this to happen?  But is that really true?  What if God is saying look at all of these people who need my help.  I need more workers.  But we fail to respond.  We take a vacation from Him and just stop responding to His prompting to do what needs to be done.  So the question should not be "Where is God when all of this bad stuff is happening?" but rather "Why aren't we doing what God asks us to do?"

This is all very thought provoking and definitely helps me to see that God does not take a vacation.  However, my question still remains:  does God ever WANT to take a vacation from us?  Does he ever just want to get away, even if He doesn't actually do it?  I mean, if we are made in His image, and if the feelings we experience are the same feelings that He experiences (or so I've been told), maybe sometimes he DOES want to just run away from all of us brats!

So, I've started a blog...

So I got the idea yesterday to start a blog.  I have to admit, my reasons were initially financial.  Like most everyone else, things are getting kind of tight financially and I was reading an article in a thrift magazine about ways to make money by blogging.  I was kind of intrigued with the could I actually do that?  I guess some people end up writing for magazines and what not and others make just SCADS of money having ads on their blogs, but somehow I seriously doubt I will get rich that way.

Nevertheless, I continued to think about it.  Finally I figured "why not?"   I figure if nothing else, it will give me an outlet to vent with.  Besides, with my family situation, there's no lack of things to tell about.  Maybe no one will read this blog or maybe someone will read it and find it entertaining.  Either way, I get to benefit, so, I decided to jump in.

I guess I should start by describing my living situation.  I was married to someone and had two lovely children with him, but things went sour and we ended up divorcing.  About two years later I met someone else and we started dating.  We fell in love and decided to get married.  We combined our households and now we have four (yes four) teenagers, 3 cats, and 2 dogs.  Two of the teens are high school seniors, one is a high school junior, and one is in the 8th grade.  Two girls, two boys.  To say that we have drama around here is an understatement.

I think what I'm going to do is post kind of a journal of what goes on in my life.  Hopefully readers won't be bored out of their skulls.

Today is Saturday, and it was fairly quiet because my husband and step son are at a "swap meet".  For those who don't know what that is, it's basically a huge yard sale held by the entire town.  The one they are at happens to be in Packwood, Wa.  I feel quite certain that my husband will come home with some interesting and some useless "stuff".  He love to go to these things.  I go with him sometimes, but I get frustrated because I'm looking for a good deal, and he is looking for cool stuff.  We have lots of "cool stuff" (including a wall hanging of a chiropractor's emblem) in our house.  Sometimes I think one of those reality show junk pickers would have a blast at our house.

Anyway, so today was quiet.  I slept in till 9:00, took a shower and fed the dogs.  I made banana muffins from scratch (they were good!) and hollered at my daughter, the 8th grader,  to wake up.    My son (senior high schooler) came home from his shift at the high school radio station, and we left to pick up the lawn mower from the repair shop.  Before we left at 11:30 am, I hollered again at the 8th grader (I'll call her RJ) to be up by the time we got back.  She was not.  She eventually did get up at 12:30.  Geez, kids sure can sleep!

I had to go to the grocery store so after lunch I went and over-spent by about $40.  I hauled the groceries home, got the kids to help bring them in, and realized there were several things missing.  I had to go back to the store to get the bag of groceries that did not make it into my cart.  I HATE when that happens! 

After the store I took a nap--I LOVE naps.  Then I fixed dinner (tacos) went for a walk (I'm fat and trying to lose weight but haven't succeeded in years) and then came back and watched "Hurt Locker".  Interesting movie, but I'm glad I didn't pay $10 to see it.  While watching the movie I worked on a blanket I'm crocheting for a friend's baby.  Then I got up to check facebook and start this blog.

So, nothing especially interesting happened today. But that was because it was quiet....I like that!  Tomorrow my husband comes home so things may revv up a bit. 

Ooh some drama!  RJ just came down saying her jaw hurts and she can't open or close or mouth.   Classic case of TMJ.  I remember having that as a kid.  I guess its a byproduct of having braces.  When I was a kid I told my orthodontist about it and all he said was "stop kissing so much".  Jerk.  Now they know its real.  Anyway, her mouth works now  (darn).

Well, its waaay past my bedtime, so I'll quit now.