Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a week! What a husband!

Wow-- this past week was really interesting!

Monday started off with a bang.  I got hit with a horrible bout of vertigo--a new experience for me--and ended up in the emergency room, being tested for a possible stroke.  Thankfully I had not had a stroke and I still don't know what brought the vertigo on, but it seems better now.  At one point while sitting in the ER waiting for test results, my dear husband looked at me and said "how do you like date night dear?"  Haha!

Tuesday I stayed home from work and Wednesday went home at noon because I was still kind of weak and recovering. 

Thursday my supervisor stayed home sick so no chance of leaving early on that day.  Friday I worked a half day, but ran a bunch of errands because a dear elderly lady from our church passed away and I'm in charge of funeral receptions. 

Saturday I got up early, did chores, then pulled my youngest out of bed to help with the reception for the memorial service at the church.  All went well, and after 4 hours of work, we were finished.  Went to the shopping center with my buddy with our dogs because we thought "Fido Fest" was being held, but it wasn't!  So we just terrorized everyone with our little yappers and went home.  Went to the grocery store, came home, cooked dinner for everyone, then fell into bed.  Now here I am on Sunday morning missing church because I am wiped out!

Through out all of the events of the week, my husband was a saint.  He cooked us a huge meal last Sunday and cooked delicious meals every night while I was sick.  He stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday and ran and fetched for me.  He sat with me in the ER for 6 hours without complaint.  He was amazing!  I am so glad I am married to this amazing man.  He is awesome!

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