Sunday, September 5, 2010

Does God need a vacation from us?

Today being Sunday, I went to church.   Unfortunately I could not rouse my brood to attend with me. 

The sermon today was on whether God needs a vacation from us.  It's a interesting thought, really.  I mean, we must be a pretty frustrating group of children.  We don't listen, we talk back, we blatantly disobey, and we often have "selective hearing".  What mother is not familiar with these behaviors in her own children?  God has most assuredly been dealing with these same behaviors from His children for generations--essentially from the beginning.  Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from my kids--does God feel the same way?

According to today's sermon, God does not take vacations from us.  God never sleeps--he is on "24/7".  The pastor cited Matthew 9:35 to 37 (or so) in which Jesus is faced with loads of people who need His help.  He says to his disciples, "we need more workers".  Pastor Dave then talked about how there are so many needs in our world.  Everyday we see injustices of various kinds--people who are sick, suffering, people who are hurt by others.  We are tempted  (and often do) to say:  God must be on vacation, otherwise how could He allow this to happen?  But is that really true?  What if God is saying look at all of these people who need my help.  I need more workers.  But we fail to respond.  We take a vacation from Him and just stop responding to His prompting to do what needs to be done.  So the question should not be "Where is God when all of this bad stuff is happening?" but rather "Why aren't we doing what God asks us to do?"

This is all very thought provoking and definitely helps me to see that God does not take a vacation.  However, my question still remains:  does God ever WANT to take a vacation from us?  Does he ever just want to get away, even if He doesn't actually do it?  I mean, if we are made in His image, and if the feelings we experience are the same feelings that He experiences (or so I've been told), maybe sometimes he DOES want to just run away from all of us brats!

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